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Gutters, or colloquially referred to as roof boxes or roofing, collect rainwater and divert this via a downpipe. This collected rainwater can be used either directly or simply into the sewer system. There are half-round gutters, which are characterized by their favorable conditions for drainage and box-shaped gutters. For these you should only decide if the optics requires it, because the flow characteristics are unfavorable here. But to improve it, just move it with sufficient gradient.Rain gutters protect your house from damage but what to do if the gutter is itself damaged?

Broken gutter

If the water does not drain away in the pipe, but shoots beyond it, the fa├žade and the house wall are threatened with moisture damage.

If it leaks out of your gutter and drips, then you should either consider a new gutter or a repair of the old one?That is because a leaky gutter can pollute the facade or damage it. Drops of water form stains the water collects on the ground and can rise from there in the masonry and infiltrate the facade. We’ll show you how to repair your old gutter. If you go for the best Toronto Eavestrough repair then you will need to be specific on that.

Toronto Eavestrough Repair

Rain gutter made of zinc

Repair gutter

All gutters made of plastic or copper or which have been galvanized, can in principle be repaired. However, there are different possibilities. You can either repair your gutter with repair tapes or caulking compound or you can solder or weld it. Which method is best for your gutter, read here?

Repair tapes for the broken gutter

Repair Tape, like the extra power universal repair Tape consists of aluminum, adhesive resin. It is processed cold and is ideal for gutters in the outdoor area. It is hand tear able and quick and easy to process. However, repair tape is in most cases only suitable for gutters made of plastic or metal.

Repair the gutter with sealing compound

Rain gutters made of metal:

Sealants, fix can easily be ordered on the internet and processed quickly and reliably. First, clean the surface of dirt, moss, grease and oil, roughen and apply sealants with a wide brush. After about 2 hours, a second coat can be applied in critical cases. Depending on the weather, the surface can be worked after 12 to 24 hours and can be painted over with acrylic paint or treated with concrete, mortar or tile adhesive. Depending on the weather, the surface can be walked on after 1-2 days.

In the trade (egghere) you get to repair gutters made of plastic, aluminum, zinc and copper not only silicone, but also to buy various sealants that have a viscous consistency. These products are suitable, for example, for repairs of holes with a diameter of up to 10 mm. However, it is important that you only carry out the work in dry, dry conditions.

Even before treatment with the sealant you must clean the corresponding points of the gutter and then let it dry well. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer and then coat with a spatula or brush. Within a few hours, the sealant is then completely cured.

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