Relation Between Anxiety and High Self-Esteem


Anxiety  IssueThe importance of self-esteem lies in the fact that if it is high it will bring confidence and worth to the person and the opposite if it is low. This assessment will influence each of the situations that develop in the individual’s life.In the adolescence stage the identity of the person is constituted to a great extent, which on the one hand, needs to feel part and be accepted by the equals, but also needs to differentiate and build an identity that is different from that of others. Self-esteem is the valuation of those characteristics and own attributes. A good self-esteem in the adolescent favors a better access to the adult life with a better psychic and emotional balance and deeper and more stable social relations. To understand in deep, have a Look Here!

Self-esteem and anxiety

In the formation of self-esteem influence different factors, such as personal, important people and the social environment and customs that exist in society in which a person lives.In the case of adolescents, it tends to diminish due to corporal physical changes. The young man begins to care not to be reciprocated by friends. In this stage two factors influence, how it is seen and treated by others and how it is perceived by itself.

In addition, there are also differences if you are facing a girl or a boy. Women link more self-esteem to the physical image and look sexy, in caring for the bonds and in being the object of the desire of their fellow men. On the contrary, men link more to the valuation of themselves to be strong and decisive, to social and professional success and to achieve their own desires.

Low self-esteem, how do you raise it?

If a child has grown up in an environment full of criticism, surely it will not develop a healthy self-esteem. In fact, many times these criticisms come from your own and this can be just as harmful as those of others. In most adolescents low self-esteem causes temporary emotional distress, but in some, it can lead to more serious problems, such as depression, phobia, anxiety and addictions. The seriousness of the problem will depend not only on the nature of the low self-esteem of the adolescent, but also on other conditions, such as difficult transitions in schooling, family life and other stressful events.

Conclusion: what to do?

Regarding the best ways to reinforce it, recent studies have identified a series of features in the educational style of parents and people in charge of education associated with high self-esteem in their children. These would be expression of affect according to the different situations that arise, adjusted in time, form and intensity, concern and care of the link, as well as the different problems that arise and example by the parents of compliance with the rules.Stop having negative thoughts about yourself, target achievement instead of perfection, consider mistakes as learning opportunities, try new things, and identify what you can change and what you cannot and last but not least, set goals.

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