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Perfection for the LED Dragon Looks

LED Dragon Dance

Southern farmers used the wicker, vine, and straw to form a dragon shape during the fifth and sixth summer months. The dragon was filled with incense and danced in the field after the evening. It seemed to be a little bit of sparks and cigarettes. In the past, many dances in the ritual activities during the plague or drought, with the meaning of deworming and praying for rain. In addition, there are some dragon dances that are not connected to each other. For example, the louver, which is popular in Zhejiang, is made up of dozen or even hundreds of LED lights. Now with the Singapore LED Dragon the festivities gain a new look.

LED Dragon Dance

The Lighting

The large LED light is used as the faucet. The butterfly light is a dragon tail, which shuttles back and forth. In Jiangsu, a kind of Duanlong, the dragon head, the dragon body and the dragon tail are all made of red silk. They are light and beautiful, and they are mostly danced by women. The fish stalks out many formations, like a rainbow in the air. Dragon dance is the most popular folk dance in traditional Chinese festivals. The Chinese community in the …